Summary of Qualification

Business Analyst professional with 15 years experience in end user/customer relations, software technical development and visual communications specialist. Provide client advocacy in service as liaison between solutions and end users of technical resources. Develop comprehensive usability and project storyboards for products and services from writing functional and business requirements and designing information flow charts; as well as gathering business needs information from stakeholders and customers. Provide matrix for stakeholder’s teams and communications plans as well as detailed action plans and successful project closings. Proficient in Content Management Systems, Microsoft Office, Visio, Project, Camtasia Studio and Adobe’s Creative Suite.


American InterContinental University – Hoffman Estates, IL

Master of Business Administration, Concentration in Human Resource Management     2007
Master of Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing    2006
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication, Concentration in Digital Design     2004
Associate of Arts in Business Administration    2003

Industry Experience

Department of Defense Art Marketing & Distribution Real Estate
Aerospace Defense and Commercial ABC Broadcasting Affiliate Education
Health Insurance Teleconferencing Local & DoD Government
Small Business Consultant Wildlife State Programs

Specific  Skills & Knowledge

Marketing Business Business & Design Analyst – IS & IT Process
Sales Management Project Management Prototype Modeling
Branding Business Management Intuitive Interface Design Specialist
Advertising Channels New Business Development & Support Multimedia
Strategic Planning Strong Communications-People Skills Web & Print Designer
Print and Web Distribution Executive Presentations & Summaries Usability Testing and Reporting
Trade Shows Proposals – Commercial & Defense Webs and Application Usability Analyst
Artist/Illustrator & Graphic Design Team Building & Mentor Author Methodologies
Social Media Distribution Web & Media Project Management Computer Based Training
Web Content and Design Instructor
User Guides & Support Documentation
Technical Writing
Process Analysis and Discovery
Storyboard Development and Author
Prepare Business Requirements and Functional Documents

Technical Expertise

Adobe Software Microsoft Office Software Knowledge & User
Photoshop – Level III Microsoft Word- Level II Quark Express – Level III
Illustrator- Level III PowerPoint – Level III CSS – Level III
Dreamweaver – Level III Excel –  Level II Macintosh/Windows XP/Irix Platforms
Fireworks – Level III Intranet/Virtual Internet
Flash – Level I Screen Capture Software PHP/ASP/XML/Ajax Programming
Acrobat Writer – Level II Camtasia Studio – Level III HTML
PageMaker – Level III Snag It– Level III JavaScript
InDesign – Level III CMS Theme Package Development
Premier – Level I WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ASP.Net

Professional Experience

Tech Support (Part Time Pilot Program)– PRCC Title III –       October 2010 to Present

  • Consult new student portfolio design, development, process and methods for Pearl River College in addition to other technical business needs.
  • Created and developed a new student portfolio network. I am the technical lead which involves appointing and assembly of the technical resources required to produce online career portfolios for students and alumni..
  • Provide project process for training.
  • Train staff and team members administration.
  • Deliver content management tools with full training package including, printed publications with supporting live application video and live virtual classroom sessions.
  • Provide ongoing support as support/ trainer and site quality checks.

Marketing & Technical Web Development Consultant– Self Employed Portfolio Masters

Business Analyst – Storyboards, Multimedia, Webs & Print  –   August 2005 to Present
Commercial and Government – Provides Project Management for dynamic web development from start to finish in both solo and team orientated environments for both local and long distance projects.

  • Determine and collaborate business needs for new and repeat customers and clients.
  • Branding packages.
  • Advertising channels and print publications.
  • Website and desktop applications usability tests, analysis and recommendations.
  • Technical subject matter expertise and development for new or revised business needs.
  • Project management and directs programming development
  • Computer based training to customers in all formats from print, to video to in person and long distance training.
  • Networked webs and content management systems in both custom dynamic programming development and ready made software applications such as WordPress and Joomla.
  • Collaborates business needs and SDLC with complete storyboards for websites and applications.
  • Sets up and manages development teams.
  • Delivered content management tools with full training package including, printed publications with supporting live application video and live virtual classroom sessions.
  • Provide ongoing support as trainer and site quality assurance.

Contract Consultant – Savannah GA

Senior Process Business Analyst Gulfstream Aerospace – 2005 – 2007
Provided methods and process for engineering web applications and business process analysis for management in addition to writing rules, guidelines and best practices for teaming development across the corporate platforms.

  • Analyzed business functions and created process matrices for best development and deployment of corporate Engineering Intranet/Extranet, content management.
  • Provided team matrix practices and methods for unified applications.
  • Provided feasibility analysis for new long term technical resources for business needs
  • Collaborated with Lean Six efforts in project outcomes.
  • Determined and prepared business documentation including Project Scope, Functional Requirements, Action Plans, Project Plans, Legal Project Documentation, etc.
  • Prepared materials for and participated in high level leadership technical strategic war room meetings
  • Defined business rules for content management web team.
  • Provided Intranet for Engineers.
  • Provided intuitive templates
  • Provided informational presentations including models and hypothetical applications/server functional flows.
  • Provided managerial guidance for assembly of and leading team and communications matrix.
  • Provided technical publications via web based resources.

L-3 Vertex Aerospace   – Madison, MS

Senior Lead IS Process Analyst III/Multimedia Webs & Print  –  2000 – 2005­­

Repeatedly, I was advanced by aviation and aerospace services proving innovative technology, development, and processes to organizational and US government defense customers.  Provide new branding & technology guidance to leadership management and corporate clients regarding media and web productions including company communications media and corporate Intranet. Consult with inner-organizational clients to determine needs and delegate web interface design to team developers. Implement design templates and branding packages for web, print, trade show floor displays and general proposals. Administer corporate domains and secure sites and act as consultant to web server administrators. Manage content of IS web layer and maintain and oversee corporate media to pre-flight print process.

  • Authorized to seek and foster talent in existing personnel, setting up media teams, directing and cross-functional training content managers and co-workers in web development.
  • Provided one-on-one and in groups and developing dynamic training media and materials, saving expense of outsourced training and additional media staff on and off site.
  • Trained and mentored clients in project storyboard delivery for streamlined media submission, shortening turn around time.
  • Performed Quality Assurance checks on web design and content and other company media prior to release.
  • Recommended direction and contributed to design for Flash and PowerPoint proposals and presentations.
  • Directed corporate communications via company news publication, “Plane Talk,” providing layout design and content.  Won 2004 Public Relations Design Award from Local Publishers Association for newsletters.
  • Created original art for corporate print media and awards and delivered press and pre-production ready materials.
  • Developed pre-flight print materials, ensuring that everything sent for printing is print-ready to include magazine ads and large trade show floor displays, saving substantial amounts in pre-press costs.

IS Process Analyst I/Multimedia Webs Print (Company belonged to Veritas – 2002 – 2003)

Involved in strategic planning of missions, goals, and vision within a new corporate culture.  Provided instructional design for departmental staff on web and media content delivery. Set up, trained, and led teams to provide web content processing and delivery for within their departments. Managed content delivery of the corporate Intranet.  Illustrated brochures, full-page magazine ads, trade show floor displays and proposal design elements.

  • Acted as design leader in new branding packages with new missions, values, goals, and visions for business logistics provided by leadership team for new company name.
  • Provided logic, guides and mentorship to Corporate Communications, Marketing and New Business Planning for restructure of corporate image, marketing channels, web publishing and presentational materials.
  • Developed and streamlined company’s first web site, coordinating storyboards and delegating tasks to team members to direct creation of layout, design, navigation and database catalog and implementation to server, providing company with dynamic worldwide publishing and marketing presence online.
  • Created first branding package after corporate ownership changes, interviewing new management to determine logical image for logo, color pallet and standardized communications media.  Delivered three excellent choices, resulting in final package that leadership eagerly approved for immediate use.
  • Received Employee of the Year award for overseeing transition of corporate intranet and secure government sites into Microsoft 2000 Server Networking environment quickly and seamlessly, preventing costly breach of contract that would have resulted from any part of government sites going down.
  • Received Web Team award for rapid delivery of company’s first web site and branding packages.
  • Utilized exceptional ability to empower others to become self sufficient in business media development, providing training and mentoring to all who expressed interest in taking initiative for their organizational segment.

Senior Media Developer Webs & Print (Company belonged to Raytheon Aerospace 2000 – 2002)

Employed to create and maintain the corporate intranet using company branded standards. Responsible for consulting department content managers on gathering and presenting requirements for their web layers. Created PowerPoint templates and presentations for managers and corporate executives. Wrote and created magazine ads, media CD packages and corporate news publications.  Organized company presentational media for dissemination and presentation for local culture, corporate and government clients.

  • Directed, designed and programmed proposal for company’s first secure contract web site for government defense services including the Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, NASA and Homeland Security, which contributed to the  winning of a  $5 billion contract with the Air Force and Navy CDRL business programs.
  • Interviewed all program keys who would be content distributors to gather necessary requirements and prepared model database design based on Air Force and Navy requirements.
  • Mocked up web site vapor model with dynamic output to CD-ROM for easy packaging and presentation to defense clients for approval, including working models of databases and home pages.
  • Delegated portions of database and ASP language work to programmer assigned to project.
  • Received company appreciation award for performance in development and packaging of assigned project for going above and beyond.
  • Created and launched company’s first intranet site utilizing sister company’s design standards.
  • Introduced first inner corporate desktop published news magazine, allowing delivery of corporate news to all employees around the world, providing important information about events and changes and allowing showcase and promotion of top company achievers.
  • Provided technical publications via web based resources.