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Rhonda Ladner

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  • David Johnson says:

    Professional Relationship: DoD/Contractor

    As the Chief of Public Affairs for the Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan in ’07-’08, I hired Rhonda to redesign our Web site from the bottom up. The focus of the project was to create a Web site that was functional, current with industry standards, i.e., Web 2.0 and most of all, easy and enjoyable for new and returning visitors. The product she delivered was beyond what I ever imagined. In addition, the collaboration between her and my office was awesome. She maintained a relationship with my office long after the Web site was live to ensure that any snags or problems we had were corrected. What I will remember most about Rhonda’s performance was the passion she had for the project. She invested her heart and soul into this project and the in the end, it paid great dividends. I would recommend her to anyone. She is a true professional, and there is none better.

    Colonel David Johnson
    Chief of Public Affairs

  • Michelle Morehouse says:

    Educational Relationship: Students/Peers

    Rhonda and I attended AIU together, there I found her to be a team player on projects and always willing to help out anyone in the class with their questions. Many of us turned to her with our graphics design questions because she is very knowledgeable in the field and she explains things very clearly. She is an excellent instructor and would make a wonderful business analyst because of her personality, communication skills, and ability problem solve.

  • Professional Relationship: Business/Business

    I have worked with Rhonda since 2000. She designed a web page for the District Attorney’s Office when I was District Attorney. It was best in the state and it is still being used by the present District Attorney with some revisions 11 years later. Rhonda also designed a website for our law office which we are very pleased with.

    She was intelligent, productive and was able to understand my concept and the needs of my website. She also was able to make suggestions which added interactive features and enhanced the basic idea I had envisioned to begin with. Her charges were most reasonable and she was always available to assist with revisions or modifications.

    I would recommend her without reservation.

    • Rhonda Ladner says:

      Thank you for your words of support Buddy. I have recently upgraded the 15th District’s DA website to a modern design and easy to use content management development. It is in development @ Hopefully they will implement the new one soon.

  • Keith Long says:

    Professional Relationship: Education/Contractor

    I work for the State of Mississippi at the NASA / John C. Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Mississippi. Our organization provides education and training opportunities to the employees and organizations at Stennis. We asked Rhonda to develop a new website for us about 12 months ago, and we very pleased with the results. Rhonda went to great lengths to ensure that our requirements were being met, which resulted in exactly the type of website that we envisioned. Rhonda is creative and talented in website development and design; she is patient and thorough in listening to requirements and needs; and she makes sure that the customer is pleased with her design. She also provided a detailed, step-by-step training manual after her work was complete. Rhonda is a complete professional, very detail-oriented, and such a nice person to boot. I highly recommend her services.

    Keith Long
    Center Higher Learning, USM

  • Professional Relationship: DoD/Contractor

    We hired Rhonda to create and maintain our website based on the recommendation of just one Sailor and it worked very well for our command in Afghanistan. Although we were working on opposite sides of the world, it couldn’t have gone any smoother if she’d just been down the hall. The site was everything we needed and was far more than we paid for. Her dedication to us made her seem like a genuine member of our comand. I don’t remember her ever refusing any request or not being able to help us out. She was like a one person call center.

    MCC(AW) David Votroubek

  • Mickie McCranie says:

    Professional Relationship: Corporate Peer/Corporate Peer

    Rhonda and I worked for Intercall, Inc,, a world wide communications company. From the onset of our employment I noticed Rhonda was given multiple projects that had very little definition or direction and always an emergency “get it done” deadline. I was duly impressed of Rhonda’s analytical skills she possessed to diligently seek out the information she needed to complete the projects assigned to her. Her professionalism, diligence and conscientious nature made her a valuable asset to the department and company. She excels in the roles of an analyst, manager, mentor or whatever is called upon her to get the job done. I consider it a honor to recommend her.

    Mickie McCranie
    Senior Project Manager
    HP, Inc.

  • Steve Carr says:

    Professional Relationship: Corporate Customer/Contracting Consultant

    Rhonda and I have worked together on many diverse projects over the years and she is professional in the truest sense of the word. She is dedicated to providing the best services and products possible to her clients whether they are large corporate entities, or small business endeavors. Her skills in business analysis, website design and deployment, and graphic design are exemplary. She always delivers more than is asked for, on time and withing budget. She often understands what a client needs before they do, and is able to direct them to the most advantageous solution to their issues in a manner that can only be described as sweetly tenacious.

    She is also a team player, and enhances the potential of any group of which she is part. Diplomatic to a fault, but able to hold and defend a position, idea, or approach to a solution she feels is right.

    Rhonda is also a very dear friend, and a joy to know. I would trust my very life to her without hesitation, because she is the most trustworthy person I have ever known. Strong spirited and resolute, in the face of adversity, she forges a way through even the most difficult obstacles life presents her. I cherish her friendship and look forward to many more years of both a professional and personal relationship with one of the finest, most talented and intelligent people I have ever been blessed to meet.

    Manager, Gulfstream Aerospace

  • Rhonda Ladner says:

    Professional Relationship: Corporate Customer/Contracting Consultant
    Post from LinkedIn – (former web team coworker)

    “[ Words that describe Rhonda:
    Creative, Detail Oriented, Professional, Conscientious, Meticulous, Reliable, Hard-Working, Skilled, Organized, Dedicated, and Knowledgeable ]

    Rhonda created cascading style sheet templates from organizations’ starting web page designs built in Microsoft Word. Images, links, body content, etc were built and saved in Word and Rhonda used the program “DreamWeaver” to get a preliminary web page started from the Word document. Rhonda initiated a plan for web site content management, aided in organizing development work, and organized archived work. She introduced the program “Contribute” to enable organizations to quickly and independently update their web pages once some organizations were mature enough for independent content management. Rhonda participated in the development of a standard web template for use by all organizations. Rhonda also introduced some fundamental tools for database implementation and database management.”

    Aric Woolley, flight test engineer, Gulfstream Aerospace
    worked with Rhonda at COMFORCE Technical Services

  • Rhonda Ladner says:

    Professional Relationship: Director/Employee
    Post from LinkedIn – (former manager)

    “I have worked with Rhonda for quite a few years and in the process have always found her results to be solid. Rhonda also brought a high degree of innovation to her work and was always watching technologies to see how they would expand our business or enable a competitive advantage. I gladly endorse her as an outstanding employee while see worked in my organization.”

    John Kehoe, Executive Director, Vertex Aerospace
    managed Rhonda at Raytheon Aerospace

  • Professional Relationship: Business Peers

    Having known Rhonda Ladner for nearly ten years, it is with great pleasure I convey my experience of knowing her. We first met as she was assertively seeking training with respect to graphic media development; Rhonda was employed by Raytheon Aerospce and her responsibility as I remember revolved around visual communication and management of the intranet. Rhonda has always gravitated towards being a seeker of knowledge and understanding of technology. As a devoted daughter, Rhonda demonstrated unconditional love for her father providing care for him during his final months while training on her own via formal technical training coupled with unrelentless drive to complete her formal education. Not only is Rhonda a person with strong drive and technical competency, she is a sincere team player with respect to being a leader able to successfully direct teams with regards to managing projects successfully. Furthermore, Rhonda is a person of high moral character and is the type person anyone would want to know; Rhonda never meets a stranger. She has a natural air about her which is inviting and inspirational. Rhonda has a zest of life that is un-paralled by most. To know Rhonda is a true joy and she is one of the most reliable individuals I have the pleasure of knowing.

    My current position is Military Education Liaison and my primary objective is to work with service men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces regarding Career Assessment, IT Training / Certification (utilizing Federal Tuition Assistance / Post 911 G.I. Bill Funding) coupled with gap analysis. A gap is sometimes called ‘the space between where we are and where we want to be. Gap analysis provides a foundation for measuring the investment of time, money and human resources that’s required to achieve a particular outcome. My career in Information Technology (IT) as an education and career consultant began in 1996, focusing on the individual needs of corporate, military and DoD contractor training needs. Wanting to better understand the technical aspects of the actual IT certification process so that he could better help my clients, I earned the basic level Microsoft Networking Certification, also known as “MCP” (Microsoft Certified Professional). Furthermore I am a certified NITAS consultant by CompTIA; National IT Apprenticeship System. NITAS is a joint effort spearheaded by the Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

    As well, I am co-founder of

    We are a global network of trained, military-focused career and educational consultants, and our mission is simple: to provide members of the military, their spouses and reservists with the assistance necessary to develop portable skills that will strengthen their job-readiness, as they are re-entering the workforce.

    I’m a military Veteran; U.S. Army. MOS: Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare Specialist / Paratrooper (AIRBORNE).

    Robert Wilson,Thursday, 24 February 2011, E-Mail:

    Robert Wilson, MCP | Military Education Liaison| New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Lexington, KY

    PH: 859-428-8163 Cell: 870-243-9253 *

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